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CJ lost 8% body fat, gained lean muscle and overcame his fear of the gym.

I used to dread strength exercises and would do the same aerobic exercises, which were getting me nowhere. Rebecca and Scott helped me instantly overcome this fear and doubt in myself. They made me feel good and comfortable, after previous trainers would act bored and uncaring.
I did not just  train with them, but also received a wealth of knowledge on how to improve my lifestyle and maximize my performance.
I once hated exercising, but thanks to Rebecca and Scott, exercising daily has become an enjoyable habit that no longer feels like an obstacle or chore.
Making me feel so comfortable and positive about exercise was the key to my recent transformation and I owe all of this to them!



Thank you again! I have been doing the exercises you suggested and really like them so far! I am excited to see what results I am able to accomplish over the next few months!
Take care!

You’re a really good trainer. Thanks very much for your time so far – you’ve been great.
I’m excited to work with you more – this is what I needed to get going again – thanks!

“Hey Rebecca and Scott,
We met last night at the gym. I had a chance to take a look at your website and was impressed with what I saw. I really think you or Scott would be able to help me get started!!

Rebecca and Scott,
Thanks for getting back so quickly.  I’m excited to see that you’re willing to help create a customized workout for me without the need for 1:1 sessions!  I would love for you to do that for me.  You will come up with a 12-week plan based on my needs, correct?  Then, if I feel like I need direct support, I can let you know via phone or email and we can set up 1:1 sessions as needed? I look forward to working with you as I slowly begin to re-enter the world of working out :-)!”

“I look forward to working with Rebecca again! I am still very interested in improving my health and I know it’s only been one time, but I already love working with Rebecca. Once again, I truly appreciate everything that you have done!”

Impressed with the number of options available with regard to training. I chose to get my workouts from imprint fitness and use the 1 on 1 training once per week. Rebecca is always on time and she knows how to motivate me. She lets me know my options but never has a pressure sale mentality and I feel like I am the focus of our sessions.


Love these guys, have trained with Scott. Would definitely recommend them to anyone serious about their workouts.


Went to Scott for personal training and also did some email consults for supplement advice, I really learned a lot about how to find the best stuff for my goals and how to get the most for my money.


I was always hesitant to use the weights at my gym. I was intimidated and did not know where to start. When I met Scott, I was impressed by his confidence and was immediately put at ease. It was a learning process, but he was patient with me. His knowledge allowed me to push myself and I knew I was getting the most out of my workout by the encouraging feedback and results I saw seeing. I can now workout on my own without doubting myself.


Very Satisfied

I initially contacted Imprint Fitness for what I’ll call a gym orientation session; I am pretty comfortable in the gym but was using the same equipment all the time. I was specific when I called about just needing help in how to use different machines at my gym. Scott met me at my gym and we spoke for about 10 minutes before diving in. I got much more than I bargained for, Scott explained how to use and adjust each machine and explained what muscles where worked. My session was a little longer than a typical session but I never felt rushed and Scott was very patient in educating me. I have since used imprint fitness for workout programs and some one on one sessions. Professional and knowledgeable

Thanks, Greg S.

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