Get Naked with Imprint Fitness!

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August 27, 2012 by Imprint Fitness


OK, not so fast… Put your shirt back on and let me explain

The bottom line, for everyone, (no matter what anyone says), who is eating well, working out, and pushing their physical limits is…

Wait for it…

Tick… Tick… Tock

Here it comes…


You know it!

That’s right,


There, I said it. We all think it.

C’mon, if you’re anything like me then I know what you’re thinking, I know how you feel, I know what you want, and I know what you don’t want as well!

When you step from the shower you’re ecstatic to see the mirror fogged over, you towel off like an insane person and get the hell outa there before the steam gives way to a crystal clear reflection you don’t want to see! A reflection of neglect!

What if I told you that you could love your mirror, better yet how about loving yourself and everything you see in the mirror every day?!


YOU have to decide to suck it up and get to work! It’s going to be hard, it may be a longer journey than you thought, (Stop listening to the empty promises, throw away the magazines. It will never be that easy! If it was you wouldn’t be reading this.), you don’t become unhealthy, unfit, overweight, or broken overnight! Why do you think you can fix it in, “just 30 days”, “15 minutes a day” “effortlessly”?!


I’m here to tell you, you can’t! That is the only time I’ll tell you, “you can’t do something about your condition”. Your life is in your control, you decide.

Once you’ve made the decision it’s just a matter of owning it!

You need to want it more than your next cupcake, live it through the weekend, embrace the journey on a road less traveled and walk, no sprint, with your head held high!


Let me put it this way, If your “friends” kidnapped you, drove downtown and tossed you into the street, butt-naked… your only concerning thought should be… Damn, I’ve got to walk all the way home! (followed closely by, “I need some new friends”.) If it isn’t either of these you may need some help loving you!

Your next step is acquiring the tools, at Imprint Fitness we have everything you need to get started and finish! No fads or crazy systems, just the right tools for you!

Plain and simple…

Come with us… If you really want to live!

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