Restaurant “Experiment.”

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August 20, 2012 by Imprint Fitness

So, Scott and I went out to dinner for the first time since my birthday (5 months ago.) What a disappointment! I don’t believe either of us have truly enjoyed going out to eat once in the last year, but we said, “F-it…we are going out!” We enjoyed every minute of our time together, but that had nothing to do with the food or even the concept of eating out.


The second we sat down and got the menu, I searched through meal items that use to mean something to me with absolutely no desire. I kept telling myself I would order something I haven’t had in forever, “something I loved! ” -fully knowing there isn’t one thing I love anymore about greasy, battered ingredients that I have 0 confidence of the origin.

Here’s what we ordered:

Onion Ring Appetizer with Chipotle dipping sauce

Smokehouse Bacon Burger with Fries

Buffalo Chicken Wrapper with Sweet Potato Fries

The second an onion ring hit my lips, the salt was overwhelming. I don’t believe you need to drastically restrict sodium, but just 4 of these rings had to have AT LEAST a days worth. Scott and I kept looking at each other as we ate them, knowing neither of us were satisfied – they didn’t get finished. My stomach IMMEDIATELY reacted. I do not eat many white carbs and very little grain. I get 80-90% of my fats from healthy sources, so within 10 minutes of the meal, my body was in shock. We both decided before we even got our main courses that this wasn’t going to be worth it AT ALL and we were disgusted with our decision to eat out on our first night out in months. We decided to label this night out, “An American Diet Experiment.”

Worth it!?

When our actual food came to the table, we were already done in our minds. I probably had less than ¼ of the chicken wrap and sweet potato fries and I felt heavier than I have felt in months. The fact that I wasn’t satisfied and the “heaviness” of the meal was what I noticed more than anything…BUT, I wasn’t FULL. I wasn’t full AT ALL specifically in comparison to the immense volume of foods Scott and I eat on a daily basis.

The takeaway from this night-out-turned-experiment is THIS; when you eat cleanly (sometimes a tough word to define), you are more satisfied-you have energy for life, zero regrets, you spend time with your food and you ENJOY your food.

We enjoy our homemade meals and especially, taking the time to prepare them together. We’d have to say, it is one of our favorite activities together. At this point, I’m not even entertaining the thought of missing a solid, home cooked meal for some restaurants version of “american cuisine” for a very long time.

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