25 Basic Nutrition Tips Everyone Should Know (Part 2)

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July 12, 2012 by Imprint Fitness

15. Cycle calories – After a while you will hit a plateau in your efforts to either lose or gain weight. The body is incredibly adaptable and sooner or later it will fight change. Try cycling your carbs by having a few days of baseline calories then have a high calorie day followed by a low calorie day. This will keep the body guessing and help to continue your progress.

16. PLAN a Cheat – This is similar to the last principle. Have one meal or a 3-4 hour time slot to eat whatever you want-within reason. Don’t drink massive amounts of alcohol and fast food, but go ahead and eat some food you enjoy eating and have dessert too. This will shock your body out of its normal routine of eating, but just be sure to get back on your diet plan the following day or when your free “time slot” has ended.

17. Be patient – Progress does not happen overnight. With careful planning and diligence your efforts will be rewarded so don’t worry too much about making giant leaps. Relax and enjoy the process.

18. Up Carbs and Lower Fat on Training Days – It only makes sense that you will need more energy on a workout day, than a rest day. On a training day, shoot for 1.2x your bodyweight in protein, around 15-20% fat and allow the rest of your calories to come from carbs.

19. Lower Carbs and Increase Fat on Rest Days – On a rest day, shoot for 1.2x your bodyweiight in protein, .4-.5x bodyweight in fat and let the rest of your calories come from carbs.

20. Quality over Quantity – You can count calories all you want, but if you are eating poor quality calories, your results will be limited at best. Imagine you have a clone, and that clone eats the same amount of calories but from chocolate bars. Now imagine you get all your calories from whole food. Who will look (and feel) better? You would look and feel better than your clone of course!

21. Create a Calorie Deficit with Exercise -The key to long term fat loss is to focus on burning the fat, not starving the fat. To metabolize more body fat while only cutting calories slightly below maintenance, you will need to burn more calories by increasing your activity level. You would be surprised by how many people look for quick fixes in order to avoid the extra effort to get results!

22. Muscle Equals Metabolism – Not only will strength training help you on your way to getting “ripped”, but the more lean tissue you have on your body, and the more active your muscle tissue becomes, the higher your metabolism is. Focus on bodyfat reduction instead of weight loss. Think about “reshaping” your body, rather than shrinking it.

23. Increase vegetable and fruit consumption – Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and in water. In addition, each fruit and vegetable provides a unique nutrient profile. Vegetables are particularly good for dieters because of their very low calorie counts. Fruits are relatively low in calories, but generally contain more carbs. While dieting, limit fruit consumption to a serving or two a day. Vegetables, such as cucumber, leafy greens, celery, cabbage are “free foods” for dieters, and they can be eaten in large quantities throughout the day.

24. Find Substitutions for the Foods You Love – It sounds simple, but just finding one or two alternatives for whatever craving you may have at the time, can help you eventually eliminate that craving forever. Once you see your body really changing, that donut will mean nothing to you.

25. A Protein Shake is a Protein Shake – Don’t reply on supplements to get your carb/fat/protein for the day. You need whole foods to grow and reduce your bodyfat in the long run and live a long, healthy life.

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