Custom Nutrition Plans Now Available!

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May 14, 2012 by Imprint Fitness

Lean how this can be part of your daily plan!

Now available through Imprint Fitness, customized nutritional plans based on your goals!

Unlike any other nutritional program you’ve tried. Imagine being full and satisfied all of the time…this is an innovative way to use your favorite foods to sculpt the body you’ve always wanted. 

Any goal from losing weight or getting down to single digit body fat, to adding size while seeing visible abs, we target your SPECIFIC goal for your age, height, current weight and more…we create a customized nutritional blueprint for YOU. Your blueprint gives you an exact breakdown of your specified macronutrients, with an EXACT date to expect to achieve your goals and additional nutritional guidelines to achieve your dream body.

Spend less time worrying about food and more time enjoying it! Learn how to “fit” birthday cake into your plan. This isn’t a “diet”, it’s a lifestyle you can live with. No more yo-yo dieting. This program is 100% sustainable for life!

We teach you how to beat fat, stay healthy-all while using the foods you know and love. Improve your mental state, increase your energy and be 100% accountable to YOUR own results!


80/20 Rule: Your fitness goals require effort, while only 20% of that effort is realized in the gym or through physical exercise, 80% is determined by what, when and how you eat.

Visit our website for additional information: ((
Call or TEXT Imprint Fitness at ((Seven-One-Six-867-1239)) to learn more and get started today!





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