Want & Sacrifice… Can you have one without the other?

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April 29, 2012 by Imprint Fitness

Can you want without sacrifice, is there sacrifice without want?


verb \ˈwȯnt also ˈwänt & ˈwənt\

Definition of WANT
transitive verb
: to have a strong desire for <wanted a chance to rest>
: to have need of : require <the motor wants a tune-up>-<the body wants a challenge>
: to wish or demand the presence of <wanted one more rep>
: to hunt or seek in order to apprehend <wanted for murder>–or–<I just murdered legs because I want massive quads>
I’ve got news for you it’s not enough to want it… you have to WANT it!
If you WANT to be fit and healthy it’s not a part-time gig, it’s a lifestyle, a full-time endeavor. It’s not at someone else’s request, in fact, there will be people who purposely try to derail you! People you know and love.
If you don’t WANT it, anything and everything will get in the way of you reaching your goals.
Think about the most recent thing you just had to have… It’s something you want. My best guess is, if you don’t already have it, you’re hard at work figuring out how to get it, no matter what!
You’re plotting and planning, rearranging your schedule, making concessions, fitting things in, eliminating others, sacrificing, all to make it happen.
Your fitness and health goals are no different, If you want it you’ll find a way… if you don’t you’ll find an excuse.
Whatever it is that you want to do it all boils down to what you’re able to do, If you have the Strength For Life, all that life has to offer is yours for the taking.
My suggestion… Go Get It! Don’t look back! Settle for nothing less than exceeding your goal!


noun \ˈsa-krə-ˌfīs, also -fəs or -ˌfīz\

Definition of SACRIFICE
: something offered in sacrifice
a : destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else<I will not watch the biggest loser, I want to be the biggest loser>
   b : something given up or lost <the sacrifices made by parents>-<the sacrifices made by athletes>
OK, so you WANT it, now what will you need to do to get it? Or more succinctly what will you need to give up to have it all?!
Initially, fueling your new want will require sacrifice. You’re going to need to find some things, be it money, time, motivation, or just plain will. Redirecting resources will require some form of sacrifice.
I don’t care who you are or how busy you are, or how much money you don’t have, how many demands are put on you day in and day out. If you are unable to make sacrifices, you don’t WANT it, you just want it.
WANT – I’m not referring to the latest 3-D micro-thin flat panel LED HD Blu-Ray blah blah blah, or the Picaso you just found for sale by some second year art student on craigslist(yes, that’s real…).
I’m talking about the WANT that can save your life. The WANT that can add quality years to your life. The WANT that can make you stronger, better. Able.
The WANT that allows you to take control of your life and do with it as you see fit!
For that you may need to sacrifice.
The funny thing is that most of the “sacrifices” that you make initially you’ll eventually realize aren’t really sacrifices at all, just things you give up, that you didn’t need in the first place, to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle! I know from experience, I went through the same changes when I took control of my life. I “sacrificed” TV time, video game time, sweets, processed foods, etc. I found ways to be more productive with my time and my fitness lifestyle became a part of my life, not an addition to, but an integral part of my life, a part of my life I am now unwilling to sacrifice for anything.
I know what you’re thinking and No, I am not advocating selling all your worldly possessions and becoming a monk(not that there’s anything wrong with that… it might be cool to be a Kung-Fu Monk, then I could go all Shaolin on your ass when you tell me you can’t do it!) Hmmm, Do I see some sacrifices in my future?!

I've got the right hair, I just don't know about the burnt sienna robes and rope belt!!

Can you want without sacrifice, is there sacrifice without want?


If you really want something there will be no doubt that you will have to sacrifice something, maybe many things or “opportunities” to see yourself through and when you sacrifice something to get what you want it just further fuels the desire to succeed.

Strength For Life.

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