7 Deadly Sins… In The Gym

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March 25, 2012 by Imprint Fitness

This could be titled “My Pet Peeves” but I’m sure these particular “Pets” have a multitude of owners, in other words, I’m not that special when it comes to the disdain I have for sheer stupidity, lack of common sense and blatant disregard for anyone other than yourself  in the gym! So, whether you’re a personal trainer, bodybuilder, (somewhere in between), cardio hamster, or you just hang out in gyms for the smell of sweat and the resounding clang of iron plates, pause for a second and clear your mind… here we go!

Over the next week

Working out 7 days does not make one weak!


I will iterate what I believe to be the deadliest of the 7 Deadly Gym Sins, in no particular order, and spread out over a week so as not to become a ranting tirade of angry slander.

As a regular patron of the gym scene I have issue with the lack of decency displayed so reverently day in and day out, night in and night out, throughout the week and over the weekend, without discrimination… male, female, young, old, seasoned gym rat, and newbie alike.





I myself, as a personal trainer, have the hardest time watching another personal trainer demonstrate some of the deadly sins as if they were a vital part of the workout.




I have to call Bullshit… and Lazy!

I realize that no day at the gym should be that different from one to the next but please, on a Saturday morning, an early morning; I do not enjoy being slapped in the face with three of the seven deadly’s before my client can finish their second set!

Leaving those aside for another post I will start with;

The Four Corners Of The World Circuit Training Workout

or if you prefer, “I’m using that, and that, and that, and that too… oh, and both of those as well”

This deadly sin is most often perpetrated by personal trainers too lazy to actually put effort into designing their client’s program. Instead they run the client around enough that no matter what, exhaustion sets in and a workout has been had. If you want to have your client doing resistance exercises with mini marathons in between sets, go to the park.

Now, if not led by a trainer, this sin is most likely mimicry or a curves member suffering from oxygen deprivation who wandered into the wrong gym.

Look Mom... No weight!






The biggest issue with this type of poorly implemented training regimen is that it CAN be done effectively with minimal impact to the rest of the gym and it’s members but generally isn’t. Two things, within the guise of personal training, seem to steer this train wreck into a preschool playground during recess. (As I read this back, I realized that many of you will read into this and think I am referring to my gym as a preschool playground at recess… while I was not, I would be remiss if I didn’t agree that sometimes it is just that.)

1. EGO, this is the personal trainer that needs to prove that they,

A. know how to use every piece of equipment in the gym (that’s part of the reason you were hired)

B. know a lot of people in the gym (the walks from corner to corner allow for many interactions, however unnecessary)

2. IMPACT, this personal trainer needs to show that they;

A. have a serious impact on life at the gym (when your “impact” spreads across the gym for all to bear it becomes more of an “impaction”; look it up)

B. do a lot of training (15-20 sets, on six different machines, traversing the gym multiple times is simply smoke and mirrors)

Now, add one more trainer doing the same thing at the same time, and both have sessions with multiple clients…

Preschool Playground at Recess, only less orderly. (Sins love to hang in pairs or groups, where there’s one more are likely to pop up! NOW it’s a party and we are all unwilling guests)

As a client you pay for a clear and concisely constructed road map to your goals, if you wanted to visit a friend two blocks away from your house, you wouldn’t pull into every driveway along the  way, don’t think you’re getting your money’s worth because you visit every nook and cranny of the gym during each workout. Your time is worth something… everyone else’s is as well!


It’s up to the rest of us to make this ridiculousness work, weaving our way through the 6-8-10 client pile-ups with multiple pieces of equipment involved, rubber neckers and inept trainers directing traffic every which way, all serving to grind every workout into nothing more than a series of stop and go sets, degrading them into a collection of parts and pieces with no discernible summation of viable hypertrophy.

One down… Six to go

Stay tuned, this isn’t even the worst  of it!


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