Why can’t I get Abs?


February 2, 2012 by Imprint Fitness

The most frequent question I hear is “Why can’t I get Abs?”.

Gettin' a grip...



My answer as of late has been, “you have them. It just looks like you don’t want anyone to see them”. I then follow up with a question, “what is your diet like?” Notice I didn’t ask what diet are you on! Your diet is what you eat daily, NOT what crazy, unsustainable, fad, oversold, quick fix, menu concoction somebody threw together with little concern for your long term health, that you follow with lackluster result or even worse, rebound weight gain!


*waves hand, "this isn't the six pack you're looking for"

I know it sounds a little harsh but the truth of the matter is many people from seasoned gym rats to recent additions to the fitness craze, or should I say craziness, are forgetting that the “looking good” part of fitness is a multifaceted endeavor.




Look at it in different terms, you can have the most incredible, pristine, bad ass muscle car on the planet, but if it stays under a tarp in your garage, what’s the point? You can sneak under the tarp, clean, polish, primp and preen to the brink of exhaustion 2-3 times a week, then pull out the minivan and cruise down the boardwalk. Yep, you guessed it; no one gives you a second look (not that you see anyway)! Minivans are a dime a dozen but a pristine muscle car is a wonder to behold!

My point, if you don’t do something to eliminate fat collecting around your midsection your Abs will forever remain hidden under the “FAT” tarp. What so many seem to forget, or don’t know, is that nutrition accounts for 70-80% of the quest for Abs that cause stares and whispers, weakened knees and palpitations.



Diet. Diet. Diet. Exercise.

Fit Abs has become the single most accepted standard of physical fitness across the [wash] board, Ha-ha. But seriously, careful selection of the right exercises must be accompanied by even more careful and selective choices when it comes to the foods we use to power through our days as well as our workouts. Dump a gallon of diesel fuel into the tank of that muscle car and you’re going to be driving the minivan around for quite a bit longer, Why?, Its the WRONG fuel!

Ya, I said it!


"Are you gonna eat that big mac"?

You have Abs, and they are probably quite strong and defined, are you ready to pull off the tarp and show off your hard work and nutritional aptitude?

Stay tuned, next we’ll look at some tools to help determine just what it takes for “you” to establish the nutritional guidelines that coincide with your fitness goals.

See you at the gym, on the blog, and at boot camp!

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Scott Minunni

Certified Personal Trainer

Wellness Coach

Nutritional Advisor


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