Day 3 – “C” ing Your Way To Change

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January 24, 2012 by Imprint Fitness

So, here we are, Day 3, remember I will give you one tip per day to help you “C” your way to permanent change!

Put your mind to work!



3. Creativity -your ability to find a variety of food and fitness options.









The world is filled with stressful situations that can get in the way of our plans to eat well or to be active.

We may need a Sherpa for this one...













The key is to stay calm and to brainstorm a variety of possible solutions.

What else can I do...












If you are out of fresh produce, you can still make due with some canned fruit or frozen vegetables in a pinch.

Can’t get to the gym, there are loads of simple exercises you can do right where you are that will get you through to your next workout!

30 more seconds!





What's in the bag!?!?!?!


Look Ma, both hands!!










Be creative, don’t let minor setbacks derail your progress!!

Why didn't I think of that?

Hang in there! I’ll see you tomorrow!


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