New Times Officially Launched!


November 9, 2011 by Imprint Fitness

Camp Schedule 

Mon. 5:45am

Tues. 6:30am

Tues. 8pm

Wed. 6:00am

Thur. 6:30am

Thur. 8pm

Sat. 7:00am

Sat. 7:30am

*All classes are 30 minutes long*

Reserve your spot now! 

Located at : 
Stars Gymnastics Center
3870 Mallow Road Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Call 716-867-1239 to reserve your spot and get an exclusive discount!


2 thoughts on “New Times Officially Launched!

  1. erin evans says:

    your phone number is disconnected.

    • Erin, Sorry for the confusion but I suspect that you may have dialed (719) out of habit or not at all.
      The number is 716-867-1239.
      I dialed our number with a colorado area code and did get the disconnected message, I hope this clears things up.
      If you still are having issues you can reach us at 716-206-9927 as well.

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