Our Top Three Pre-Workout Supplements


October 27, 2011 by Imprint Fitness

This morning one of our bootcamp members was curious about “pre-workout” supplements. Scott and I have tried just about everything. I wrote her an email explaining some of our tried and true favorites and decided it would make a great blog entry. So, this is for all of you who need that extra jolt before your intense workout/bootcamp session.
Here is some information to get you all started:
Pre-workout supplements are a newer kind of formula that were originally created to help athletes plow past muscle building plateaus and to help with low-energy slumps due to the daily grind of workout wear-n-tear. The formula’s for the most part are comprised of Creatine, L-Arginine, Beta Alainine, (all naturally occurring in the body) and Caffeine based stimulants that when combined correctly, can push the athlete past their normal rep. range and typically pro-long the workout routine with added intensity and mental focus.
I will recommend some that are the cleanest (least amount of fillers, are the best tasting [which is RARE] have less caffeine/less jittery effect and are most natural) that we’ve found, used and loved. You would drink 1/2 a scoop the first time, mixed with water, to assess your tolerance. You can eventually use a whole scoop. You would drink this about 15-30 minutes before each workout or our bootcamp.
Here are some brands we recommend and this is the online shop we order all of our supplements from, Netrition.com. We love their reasonable prices and 4.95 flat rate shipping. Get $5 off your next online purchase of $50 or more (before shipping) with coupon code TREAT. Hurry, offer expires 10/31/2011. Like them on facebook for more information.
These pre-workout supplements are also available at Vitamin Shoppe and most likely, GNC. (A bit more expensive.)
The Top Three – Lean and Mean Pre-Workout Supplements:
(Clean, best energy, low/natural caffeine-from green tea/coffee bean extract, great muscle pump and focus, the orange flavor tastes like tang. My favorite of the three.)
(Very clean, small ingredient list, the fruit punch tastes OKAY, [ pre-workout supplements are not known for tasting good! ], good clean energy, will make you feel flushed the first few times, best focus.)
3. Monster PUMP
(Clean, no added dyes, includes 1000mg of l-carnitine [naturally occurring in the body, reduces fat mass, increases lean muscle mass, and reduces fatigue. All of these effects contribute to weight loss! So the extra supplementation of 500-1000mg a day is ideal!] this brand is the best tasting of the 3, cheapest in price, OK energy and focus.)

More supplement reviews to come.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


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One thought on “Our Top Three Pre-Workout Supplements

  1. Hey Guys & Gals, Scott here, As with any pre-workout supplement it is generally best to cycle through a few to keep getting the benefits without having to continually up the effective dose!
    Rebecca and I have even gone so far as to keep a couple different pre-workouts on hand to cycle more often and it is very noticeable when we switch it up.
    Also these three are a good place to start but you may need to experiment to find what works best for you, we went through many!
    Don’t be afraid to ask for samples, most places that carry these products are visited by the company reps who drop off SAMPLES… Ask.
    Look for my upcoming reviews on what you want in your pre-workout and why!
    one life. live it.
    Scott CPT

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