Fat BLASTING Boot Camp!

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October 16, 2011 by Imprint Fitness


Are you highly motivated to lose a significant amount of weight, “tone up” or increase lean muscle mass, but have failed numerous times, are sick of the disappointment and lack of results!? What will you do when your next get fit quick program doesn’t work either!?

** Call now to reserve your spot! 716-867-1239

Get in shape, stay in shape! In as little as 4 weeks!

Here is your opportunity to be part of a group workout that is as much fun as being a kid again! Burn 800-1000 calories in 45 minutes while GETTING SEXY, making friends, staying motivated, receiving constant encouragement, BECOMING AND MAINTAINING the best shape you’ve ever been in!

We are extremely passionate, certified trainers starting our FAT BLASTING BOOTCAMP series on:

Camp Schedule :

-Tuesday: 6:30am

-Tuesday: 8pm

-Thursday: 6:30am

-Thursday: 8pm

-Saturday Express: 7am (30 minute very high intensity workouts. Attend 1 or both!)

-Saturday Express: 7:30am (30 minute very high intensity workouts. Attend 1 or both!)

Reserve your spot now!

Located at :
Stars Gymnastics Center
3870 Mallow Road Colorado Springs, CO 80907

*Click BOOTCAMP or Rates tab at the top for pricing and monthly specials!

*Rates as low as $31 a month!*

Your monthly membership allows you attend as often as you’d like!


How do I Enroll?:

  • Call Scott at 716-867-1239 NOW to reserve your spot!
  • Or email us at trainer@imprintfitness.com with your phone number, age and specific goals and someone will get back to you within 12 hours.


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