Become a RUNNER. 5K Run Club. Join us this week!

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October 10, 2011 by Imprint Fitness

Make friends, LOSE WEIGHT, be inspired, stay motivated, get fit, become a RUNNER.

This is a beginner’s running club that educates people on how to run efficiently and effectively, without getting hurt. We ease you into running a 5k, instead of throwing you into a race. Whether you want to run a 5k or half-marathon, this method will get you there the fastest, without injury!

Will meet at the Edmondson Trail head at Woodman and I-25.
Will be held every Wednesday morning at 6:30am and Sunday morning at 7am.

This club is run by two certified personal trainers and meets twice a week for 2 months, depending on participant level.

(First official class was Sunday, Oct. 9th at 7am, through November 30th.)

Come join our growing group, the sooner the better (as the intensity increases each week!)
Call or reply ASAP 716-867-1239! Openings available for beginners through the 26th of October!

$5 per class ($70 total) Sign up with a friend ($50). Drop in rate $7.
Please bring water, wear weather appropriate clothing and a good pair of sneakers


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