How to Find YOUR Personal Trainer

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September 30, 2011 by Imprint Fitness

Is this what you want?So, you’ve decided to find a Personal Trainer

Fantastic, I could tell you how much this will enrich your life but that’s a whole separate blog and I’m sure you have some inkling anyway. So ill just say that I am proud of you for taking this step.
Now, back to the original question, how do I find a Personal Trainer? Well, lets tweak that question, more so, How do I find the Personal Trainer that is right for me?
First, lets start with some self assessment, you need to be honest about who you are! Some factors to assess are:




1. Motivation, can I run with a program, do I need a push from time to time or does someone have to carry me across the finish line.
2. Goals, are they specific, realistic, or whoever has the most wins the game.
3. Time, you cannot TIVO or DVR your workouts! I PROMISE you that when you prioritize your workout time, life as a whole is infinitely better!
4. Support, people are happy for you and encouraging, people are constantly badgering you about going to the gym, the only support you get these days is from your undergarments.
Now that you have a slightly better understanding of yourself, I hope you are glad to meet you, lets apply our new found knowledge to the task at hand, Finding a Suitable Personal Trainer!
As you can see I always capitalize Personal Trainer, I do this to emphasize one thing; your Personal Trainer is a professional, hired by you to provide a service that could ultimately save your life. As such they should ooze professionalism, check that, gush professionalism. Here’s what I mean;

1. Your Trainer should LOOK like a Personal Trainer, just because someone looks like a Personal Trainer does not mean they are one, (some just “play” one in the gym), however, a Personal trainer should epitomize health and vitality.
2. Your Trainer should be on time (early) every time, even if you are late from time to time. And yes, “On time” is the new late.
3. Prepared, your Trainer should be putting serious thought and effort into every program design based specifically on your goals!
4. Your Personal Trainer, listen up, should always treat EVERYONE with respect! If they do, you can be confident they will show you respect as well.
5. Your Personal Trainer should be focused 100% on you for your session, this means NO, phone calls, texting, web surfing, email checking; NO, conversations with other Trainers, clients, gym-goers, friends, or family.

How to Put It All Together:
Often the working model consists of a Trainer offering a free session before signing you up for 20, 30, or sometimes, more sessions spread out over weeks or even months. This makes it difficult to really know if you and your Trainer gel before you are locked into an agreement.
Believe me, this will be a close working relationship filled with expectation, accomplishment, and reward. You may be seeing your Trainer 3 or 4 times per week under, at times, grueling conditions. Sounds great Huh?  It is.

A much better model is when you can work out a trial run, an extended, no commitment period so that you can evaluate whether or not your Trainer is right for you! Most Trainers are able to work with you to make this happen. If there is just increased pressure to sign up now, learn to walk away!
I tell you this with the utmost confidence, because I do this every time, if your Trainer is a true professional, he or she will use this period to evaluate you as well. A great Trainer needs to make sure the client they take on is a fit for them also.

If your sessions become less than a full equation, YOU + TRAINER = FITNESS, the answer is wrong.
The bottom line is you need some time with your Trainer before making this very important descision. Use your trial period to evaluate personality, assess competency, (asking questions at this time is more relaxed and unguarded), determine compatibility, and look for passion.
Ask the usual questions, How long have you been training?, Where did you get your education?, Do you have any clients I can talk to?, Has anyone ever fired you?, etc. In this more relaxed setting you will get a better inclination as to whether you can trust the answers.

Lastly, and this will upset many trainers, (notice, not capitalized), the industry is largely unregulated – virtually anyone can call themselves a trainer. People exaggerate their credentials, lie, fudge testimonials, get friends and family to pose as clients, and I’ve even seen faked certificates. A few bad apples as they say!
Be vigilant, a well-rehearsed spiel can sound very convincing but if it is just a carefully constructed tall tale you may not know it until it is too late and what should have been weeks of progress turns out to be a lesson learned the hard way and time, as well as money, wasted.

You only have ONE LIFE. LIVE IT.

Scott Minunni CPT


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